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Aliga is the IT company with strong ambitions in areas of IT infrastructure, Cyber Security and Video conferencing solutions. We are focusing on emerging technologies, trying to deliver the best-in-class, high value solutions to our customers. Doing that, we rely on the long-term experience of our engineers and the cooperation with A-brand vendors such as Cisco, Radware, Flowmon, Polycom, Schrack or Imperva.


Radware | Webinar – The Risks of Migrating to the Cloud

Organizations are migrating applications to the cloud or adopted a cloud first strategy. The motivations, strategies, and objectives behind migrating can be quite differing, from one organization to the next or even between different applications or workloads. Moving assets and applications to the cloud comes with new risks of exposure. The dynamic nature of public […]

Protect your data and find time for a break

Many IT and Security professionals are spending time this July preparing for GDPR, communicating changes in their information and privacy policies, and instituting different processes around handling personal data. Conversation on those teams often turns to the challenges with managing personal data in a way that protects privacy while still conforming to organizational policies and […]